Sure, your wedding was all fun and pomp, but it won’t be memorable years on without a wedding video. Capturing your first kiss and dance and other precious moments is what makes a wedding unforgettable for anniversaries to come. A detailed video, from the moment the bride dresses up to the finale as the couple dashes away, is all recorded by a videographer.

For doing all that work, a wedding videographer deserves a pat on the back or, better yet, a special thank-you gift. If you’re not good at surprises, here are six gifts that make videographers feel like a million bucks. See for more videography tips, or head over to their website directly.

Thank You Message

After speeches, get up and give a heartfelt “Thank You” to all your guests, then speak highly of your videographer. Thank them for being more than a videographer, but a confidence booster and a joy to work with. A shout out at the wedding puts a smile on your videographer’s face and makes them a darling of everyone in attendance.

A Tip

Many people don’t realise how much a tip means to videographers. No matter the amount, a tip speaks volumes. It says you’re worth every penny we paid you plus this little extra and why not treat yourself to something nice, whether it’s a massage, manicure or gourmet. If you feel like your wedding videographer went above and beyond, mail them a small tip. Whatever you bless them with won’t go unnoticed.

A Token Of Appreciation

A restaurant gift card shows your appreciation to the videographer, who spent hours shooting awesome wedding video. The videographer may not have broken for lunch or taken a break, so a meal at a restaurant allows for much-needed downtime. Camera paraphernalia makes a great gift even if your videographer is fully equipped. Just find something unique that a videographer can’t do without – probably a drone.

Something Personal

If you know the videographer personally or through a pal, a gift basket full of favourite snacks or scented lotions is a welcome gift after a long day. A thank-you card tucked into the basket of surprises makes the videographer’s day. Scouring the videographer’s Facebook page or Instagram account for things they like can give you gift ideas.

Pay It Forward

Perhaps the best gift for a wedding videographer is giving a recommendation or business card to your newly-engaged friend(s). A mention on your personal blog, including the videographer’s web address and business name, and a rave online review help the videographer build their business.

A Photo Shoot

One gift that keeps on giving is a photo reel. When the camera stops rolling, invite your wedding videographer to a photo session. Pose for pictures in a salute or hats off position facing the videographer to express gratitude. Take lots of pictures, then display them proudly in a creative slideshow.

Return The Favour

As a videographer, gifting couples is always good for business. Cake cutters and champagne flutes celebrate the big day, commemorate the couple and keep you top of mind. In turn, the bride and groom will send referrals your way.